Episode 17

May 24, 2023


Episode 17 - Dr. Christy Matusiak - Face It Until You Ace It!

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Drew Deraney
Episode 17 - Dr. Christy Matusiak - Face It Until You Ace It!
From Caving In To Crushing It
Episode 17 - Dr. Christy Matusiak - Face It Until You Ace It!

May 24 2023 | 00:35:49


Show Notes

In 2019 was when I feel like I hit my financial and business entrepreneurial, a rock bottom, so to speak. So almost exactly four years ago. I had plenty of self-limiting belief systems in my head that I could not be a successful businesswoman. Run a practice and be a successful mom at the same time. We were just talking about this before we jumped on right it was this idea that there was this work life balance idea, it's all an illusion, like very strongly had in my head that I couldn't do both and 2019 and really all came to a head where every single account that we had was down to zero. I business checking account, our personal savings, our personal checking, zero and my phone bill was due, and I had to swallow my pride and ego and call a friend and say hey, this is a situation that can I please borrow some money just to pay our phone bill? because I had three kids. I can't risk not having, you know, a phone that's functional and for a couple days. So, it was really, it was embarrassing it was an, and I remember feeling in that moment just I never want to do this again I'm so over this. I'm definitely, I'm just so tired of not feeling like I can cope with life optimal financial aspect of things.  

To learn more about Christy, go to LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/christy-matusiak-d-c-b7aa0822/ or her Website at https://www.integratedholistic.com/ 


Dr. Christy Matusiak Bio: 

Dr. Christy Matusiak is a holistically driven chiropractic physician practicing in Wilmette, IL with Integrated Holistic Healthcare.  She has spent over the last decade helping patients overcome autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, musculoskeletal pain, chronic inflammation, and more.  She uses many systems to get a detailed picture of what is going on with each of her patients and focuses on identifying the root cause of these conditions, addressing all areas of health (physical, nutritional, emotional, and energetic).  Dr. Christy deeply values the patients she serves to help them, and their families live a truly happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.  And she works hard to do this without the use of drugs and surgery!

She is the host of YouTube channel Dr. Christy Cares where she shares videos with secrets on living a naturally healthy life.  She is also the author of the new book “Coordinating the Chaos – Through Birth and Burnout.”  It is to support the newly post-partum mother, struggling with finding herself and gaining the mental clarity to be present for her growing family.  There is beauty in those challenges, and Dr. Christy shares her own experiences and experiences with patients to guide women through this stage of life with ease!  The book also provides holistic tips on maintaining your baby’s health!

Dr. Christy has been married for 17 years and is a mom to 3 beautiful boys, ages 12, 9, and 6.  She remains active with them and is committed to her own health and physical fitness. Dr. Christy will never give a patient a suggestion that she doesn’t follow herself.  She recognizes that one’s journey towards health is always evolving.  Through this, she strongly values growth and self-reflection.  She truly believes that “health begins within each of us!”

The below linktree contains links to all Dr. Christy’s social media connections, Amazon link for her book Coordinating the Chaos-through birth and burnout, YouTube Channel, and professional website.


To learn more about how Dr. Christy Matusiak can support you on your journey towards health and healing, you can email her at [email protected].

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