Episode 4

December 13, 2022


Episode 4 – Clay Hicks – Ready, Fire, Aim!

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Drew Deraney
Episode 4 – Clay Hicks – Ready, Fire, Aim!
From Caving In To Crushing It
Episode 4 – Clay Hicks – Ready, Fire, Aim!

Dec 13 2022 | 00:26:20


Show Notes


Clay’s very quick rise to growth and then very fast fall forced him to find his new way. Ready, fire, aim! had been his way to do things from a young age and his intense desire to make more and more money caused him to make bad decisions at a young age – it was never enough. Real estate helped him rise and also caused his demise. He started forcing things to happen and his lack of good decision making proved him capable but not competent. Clay lost it all just as fast as he made it. His wife asked him to leave and take his two daughters with him. He became a single parent and that was his defining moment. He was resilient, worked long hours and took care of his girls, and he realized he couldn’t do it by himself. He began to ask for help – from God.


To learn more about Clay, go to his Website at http://www.h7network.com/


Clay Hicks Bio

Clay Hicks is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of 5 different companies, an author, a speaker, and trainer on professional relationships. Clay Hicks founded his first company, H7 Network in 2008 with the hopes of positively impacting the many under-served entrepreneurs and sales professionals. 

His vision is to globally revolutionize the way business professionals "Connect" first, "Serve" with purpose, and "Ask" of their peers. H7 Network, a Franchisor, is a national B2B networking platform, In person and Virtual, for professionals to build their own audience and develop champions for their business. 

His responsibility as the CEO/Founder is to innovate new programs, develop new markets internationally, training and development, implementing new processes for retention, business, and relationship development overall. H7 Network currently has members in 45 states, as well as Canada, Australia, England, Croatia, El Salvador, Columbia, Philippines, Italy, and India.

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